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Dedicated to supporting businesses in optimizing direct mail marketing campaigns, Complete Mailing Service Inc in Franklin Park, Illinois, provides the latest information on the latest tools and technology that boosts the success of direct marketing services. Please take a moment to review our FAQ about the new software that ensures your mailers are properly addressed at our lettershop.

About National Change Of Address (NCOA®) Software

Q: Why is it so important to run my mailing list through the NCOA software?
A: The average homeowner relocates approximately every seven years, and it's estimated that nearly 40 million American businesses and families move every year. The failure to run an NCOA search on your mailing list file can result in an undeliverable mail rate of up to 20 percent. The United States Postal Service also recently required that NCOA processing be performed on most types of mailings.

Q: Does Complete Mailing Service Inc offer NCOA list services?
A: Yes, Complete Mailing Service Inc will provide you with NCOA list services for a nominal fee upon request. When compared to the expense of the wasted postage dollars spent for undeliverable mail, the savings versus the expense of performing an NCOA search are substantial. Additionally, valuable customers and prospect names that would have been undeliverable will be updated to receive current and future mailings. This translates into more opportunities, more sales, and more revenue.

Q: Can NCOA list processing save me money on postage?
A: Yes, in many cases. In order to obtain pre-sort or automation rates for first class mail or standard mail service, mailers must provide proof that they have updated the addresses in a mailing list within a specific timeframe prior to mailing. When you consider that in many instances the most costly part of a mailing is the postage, pre-sorted postal savings can be substantial and result in increased profitability for a direct mail campaign.