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Our Mailing List Services Ensure Data Accuracy

Data hygiene is the cornerstone of effective mail campaigns. Complete Mailing Service Inc in Franklin Park, Illinois, offers cutting-edge mailing list services to make certain your pieces are accurately addressed. In addition to data security, we assist with list acquisition and marketing demographics information to ensure your materials reach your target audience.

Mailing List Services

Our experts are dedicated to maintaining the quality of your mailing list by cross-referencing information with vital geographic, demographic, and psychographic criteria that supports your mailing objectives. We will help you identify and target your ideal audiences with our many mailing list services.

Lock and Mail

List Acquisition

We compile and sort lists for the most impact for your mailings. Our resources include:

  • Consumer Lists Including Demographic & Lifestyle Data
  • National & Regional Resident Lists
  • Specialty & Response Lists

Direct Mail Targeting

Our demographic filtering helps to target the customer base that is most specific to your products and services. We use strategies such as:

  • Leading Edge Demographic Targeting
  • Census, Household Clusters, & ZIP+4
  • Database & Response Analysis
  • Mapping Graphics for Market Definition

Data Accuracy Saves Money

Did you know that failing to delete duplicate addresses or checking your information against the National Change of Address database can cause approximately 20 percent of your mail to be undelivered? Thankfully, our data team can help you save money by cleaning up your data with the newest software to improve your mailing list. Our data management and analytical services can provide you with customized reports, guaranteeing that you receive the best information possible from your direct mail campaign.

Data Security

Complete Mailing Service Inc takes data and document security seriously. We employ a sophisticated security protocol to protect your mailing lists and other data. We use the latest network firewalls with intrusion prevention systems, as well as interior and exterior video surveillance monitoring on-site. We also subject our full-time security personnel and employees to thorough background checks. Rest assured that your project is safe in our hands when you take advantage of our comprehensive direct mail services.

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