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Save More On Your Mailing Costs

Complete Mailing Service Inc in Franklin Park, Illinois, has expert knowledge when it comes to working with the United States Postal Service, and we do our best to help our Chicago-area clients save more on bulk mail for both national and international shipping. Benefit from the discounts available to for your business with our experts handling the details of your marketing campaign, including mailing list services.

A Penny Saved...

Did you know that metering first class mail instead of using a stamp can save you almost a penny on every piece? When you stop to consider that postage costs can fluctuate almost annually, a penny saved can add up quickly over a calendar year.

Mailing Class Discounts

When you opt for pre-sorting services at our facility, first class, third class, and non-profit mailings all qualify for pre-sorting discounts. These savings can be substantial depending on the size of a given project. This means that you can reduce your business mailing costs by hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for your next marketing campaign.

Bulk Discounts

Mailings over 20,000 pieces may be eligible for postal discounts via a sectional sorting facility (SCF) or a national distribution center (NDC). Make sure to speak to our experts about your large projects to ensure you receive the best discounts available.

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